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Mykyta Grechyna
BOSI Founder
BOSI brand was created in Kyiv in early 2019.

I bought my first pair of barefoot shoes about six months before I founded BOSI. Feeling the benefits and comfort of such shoes, I noticed that very few people know about such a wonderful footwear. The idea of creating BOSI appeared after it became clear that the global market of barefoot shoes is just beginning its development, and there are very few existing brands. But, despite this, the demand for such shoes was quite high, which gave an understanding of the existence of consumer interest in such shoes.

I first heard about barefoot shoes from an American chiropractor who recommended using them to strengthen the feet and improve posture. I was interested in such shoes, and I started reading materials and research on walking and running barefoot. Modern scientific work, indeed, confirms the benefits of using barefoot shoes. Some of these studies are listed on our website.
The goal of the brand is to raise people's awareness of feet and whole body health. Our feet are a unique work of art with the same number of nerve endings as on the palms. With traditional, inflexible shoes having thick soles, we eliminate the mechanism of proprioception, which is the understanding of our body of the surface where we position ourselves. At the limbic level, this leads to increased levels of stress in the body, poorer balance, impaired biomechanics of movement and development of numerous pathologies of the feet.

Our feet are the foundation of our body, the state of health of which is difficult to overestimate in its contribution to general well-being. Therefore, we are sure that preventive or constant wearing of barefoot shoes will strengthen your feet, improve balance and coordination, and barefoot shoes will become your most comfortable shoes!
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Private Entrepreneur
Grechyna Mykyta Viacheslavovych